A digital publication and archive collecting memories of places that have changed or disappeared.

We are a digital archive collecting stories and artwork broadly related to climate change, including topics such as urbanization and climate-related diaspora to recognize ongoing struggles, document changes, and encourage climate action at a local level.

For our Fall 2022 Open Call, we ask you to reflect on what the word local means to you. While the concept of distance is distorted because of the internet, is there a physical space or land that you feel tied to, or is it more a state of mind? What is your ecosystem?

We accept nonfiction essays or poetry, visual art, and audio work. Please only submit personal stories and experiences or personal stories who have been told to you by a family member, neighbor, or someone you know well (or artwork related to such). You can also send us pitches or ask questions via Instagram or our email address, impermanentearth@gmail.com

Impermanent Earth