A digital publication and archive collecting memories of places that have changed or disappeared.

Open Call for Issue IV

After some internal discussions, we’ve decided to do away with themed issues. As our publication is a digital archive of environmental and climate-related experiences, each issue reflects the concerns of the moment, compiled from your submissions. Often, our contributors are the ones who unintentionally drive the theme.

What we can offer is a jumping off point. Some things we’ve been thinking about recently include the state of the world’s oceans, climate change from an indigenous perspective, and speculations about the planet’s future as billionaires launch space missions to create colonies on Mars. However, as always, we would like to hear about your own experiences, personal stories, or even fears about the future.

The following criteria are used to select applicants:

  • Quality of work
  • Writing: submission clearly reflects the experience of one person. If you are still unsure of what we're looking for, we invite you to look at past issues.

Writing submissions can be:

  • poetry
  • short essay
  • long form essays or nonfiction stories

Visual submissions can include but are not limited to:

  • photography, video, painting, drawing, comic strip, collage, printmaking, or sculpture

They must include a written description explaining the meaning or story behind the visual or your relationship with climate change and how it has affected you.

Audio submissions:

  • voice recordings of your story
  • recordings of the location (sounds in nature or in an urban environment), with a written description

We prefer submissions in English, but if you want to submit in your native language we will find a translator. Your story will appear both in its original version and in English.

Impermanent Earth